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Men place a higher value on the attractiveness of their life partners than women, one group of psychologists says.Southern Methodist University psychologist Andrea Meltzer and colleagues drew on four different studies with a pool of more than 450 newlywed heterosexual couples.

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Experimenters then interviewed the newlyweds and followed up later, asking them to rate their marital satisfaction on eight separate occasions over the next four years.

As we roll into the future of machines taking over, self-driving cars, and Amazon's self-service supermarkets, how long until we actually see fully functioning robots in the house?

So far we have been left with blocky hybrids of Wall-E and C-3PO that mop floors and climb stairs, but is the future of Ex Machina beauty bots really that far away?

Bethany Dempsey, the wife of American Professional Soccer Clint Dempsey, is well known for her appearance in 2010 issue of sports illustrated swimsuit Edition.

Lately, she is well-known for posing topless for the very magazine. Interestingly, the painter needed 15 hours tp paint her body.