Black women too picky in dating singledatingadvice info

The survey also found that female residents of Miami, St.

Louis, Las Vegas and Portland were the least picky when it came to interacting with members of the opposite sex in online dating profiles.

We’re sure there’s probably more to this story, but it’s interesting considering women in metropolitan areas often complain that it’s more difficult to find quality men to date.

Women have fought for equality for as long as I can remember.

But while they've achieved it in most parts of their lives, it seems there is one area where men and women are not equal at all.

A recent survey of modern relationships, to mark the 60th anniversary of Woman's Hour, the programme I present, revealed that while most men are happy to settle down with a woman who is simply "good enough," the majority of women are still looking for Mr Right, a kind of fantasy dream man against whom every other suitor will be ruthlessly judged — and probably found wanting.

When do romance and a sense of humor come into play?

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