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11/01/2016 Recently, it was reported from several sources, that the EVGA Ge Force GTX 1080 FTW PWM and memory temperature is running warmer than expected during Furmark (an extreme stress utility).EVGA has investigated these reports and after extensive testing, below are our findings: Conclusion: EVGA offers full warranty support on its products, with cross-ship RMA*, and stands behind its products and commitment to our customers.This update resolves the potential thermal issues that have been reported, and ensures the card maintains safe operating temperatures.For those users who want additional cooling beyond the VBIOS update, EVGA can offer an optional thermal pads available.After reports of EVGA cards overheating and sometimes becoming non-operational, which we covered right here on TPU, the company has now issued a statement further clarifying the steps it's taking towards solving the issues.Though it was first reported that only the GTX 1070/1080 FTW series of cards were having issues, the company has also extended its efforts towards the GTX 1060 cards, in both 3 GB and 6 GB flavors, which may point to either underlying problems with those cards as well, or simply EVGA extending that bit of extra support to their customers.BIOS initiates all hardware when the computer starts.BIOS on many motherboards also allows you to monitor the hardware status, including CPU temperature.

This BIOS update rectifies an afore mentioned overheating problem by properly adjusting fan speed levels.One must realize that there are numerous concerns that plague the Windows 10 Operating System, one of them being Computer Overheat.In the given article, we discuss how can one overcome the issue of Computer overheat, and what can be done in order to ensure that your laptop doesn't get damaged due to overheating.This will properly cool these video cards without potential for thermal malfunction. Also, cards manufactured currently have this BIOS update installed.This BIOS update currently supports Windows 10 64 bit operating system.