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) It’s depressing, but it’s perfect comedic fodder for everyone’s favorite 80s family.In “I Heart Video Dating,” Erica Goldberg attempts to get her friend Lainey’s down-on-his-luck dad (David Koechner) a date via a video dating service run by a shady mall salesman.Mooney, Bennett, and Zamata each had average first seasons, occasionally providing the show with the spark it hopes for from its newcomers, even if they didn’t immediately capture viewers’ adoration like Cecily Strong and Kate Mc Kinnon did in their early episodes.However, the fact that is firing half of the new talent it intended to replace its departed stars indicates that Lorne Michaels is still figuring out what the show’s future will be.

I’ll admit it: Sometimes it’s just fun to watch an old movie and laugh at “how far we’ve come.” Or, better yet, to see if you can catch glimpses of that bygone decade’s culture as a group of characters walk down the street.

The fact that Rob Huebel — the obvious go-to for slimeball characters — plays said shady salesman is enough to make this ) and learns he is destined to be a bookmaker.

Since he can’t think of anything more boring than bookkeeping — “I don’t want to be a librarian!

The sad conclusion may disappoint those who were highly invested in their romance working out (or just wanted something to pay off after reading 40 days of wordy diary entries), and also complicates the push to turn it into a movie.

When a deal with CAA to sell film rights was first announced, Timothy told Buzzfeed that "We have no interest in making some bad rom-com movie." This ending certainly makes the site feel like more appropriate subject matter for mumblecore, but even so, does making a movie at all make sense now that we know the ending?