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SEE ALSO: Woman Beaten While Laying in Bed Next to Her Baby In January, a jury found Woody guilty of malicious wounding and sentenced him to eight years in prison.

Several character witnesses testified on his behalf, including Irving who confessed to violating a restraining order Woody took out on her in 2014 after she busted out his windows during an argument. One juror turned away while another juror was moved to tears.

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"My wife fought back so that her daughter could live. And can't see or hold her baby until she recovers," he wrote.

On the day of the attack Mrs Poole posted on her own Facebook page: "One week from today." The family had recently bought a new puppy but in the chaos following the attack the baby dog appears to have died because it was not tended to.

Behavior such as these alleged actions are not representative of the men and women who serve at Fort Bliss. Moss was arrested on a charge of criminal attempted murder and booked into El Paso County Detention Center with a bond of ,000.Fort Bliss released the following statement: "The investigation into this matter is being conducted by the El Paso Police Department and Fort Bliss is cooperating fully.Moss allegedly beat and stabbed her repeatedly, before fleeing the scene and calling a coworker to pick him up.El Paso Police say Moss provided a voluntary statement admitting physically assaulting Poole.